Saturday, 1 October 2011

Change your belief, change your life

I was speaking to a partner of mine in OrGano Gold about belief and how important it is to his business. Belief is the number #1 reason that will drive any business! Belief affect your posture and how you carry yourself. How can you be successful in any MLM company if you dont believe? Who will you convince to buy your product if you dont be believe that it works? Who will you convince to join your team if you dont believe that its a wonderful business opportunity? If you dont believe in your product or your company may i suggest you quit, stick to your 9-5 job or simple find a company that you believe in. 
This is not rocket science, body language and the eyes cant lie. When you believe and KNOW without a shadow of a doubt that your company and their product is the greatest and its just a matter of time then the sky is the limit! You walk differently you talk with confidence and people will sense that difference and know that here is a person on their way to success. Thats the NUMBER 1 reason why i joined OrGano Gold. BELIEF! The product is AWESOME! The company has EXCELLENCE and CLASS print all over it! Change your coffee, change your  life: Change your belief, change your life  Its just a matter of time because success is all about the POWER of BELIEF!

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Sunday, 11 September 2011

Go after your dreams!

Thought and character are one. Every man is where he is by the law of his being; the thoughts which he has built into his character have bought him there, and in the arrangement of his life there is no element of chance, but all is the result of a law which cannot err. ~ James Allen
If you find the above from one of my all time best author to be true, can you answer this question. We all have dreams, but most people fail to realize their dreams, the Million dollar question is why? As children we all had lofty dreams and great imagination but as we aged and life circumstance hit us majority of us shelf our dreams and ambitions. As children we dream of driving fast like ferrari, lamborgihini, Maserita and Bugatti but when the most purchase car list comes out every year its headed by Honda, Toyota and Fords! Why? We now have a 9-5 job which limit and compress our dreams to fit the salary. What is your dreams? How much is your dreams worth to you? How long are you prepared to work at your dreams? If people laugh at your dream will you feel ashamed and stop?
I have always dream of being rich, ever since I was a kid watching the TV series “DALLAS”. I was in awe when I saw Bobby and JR Ewing flying in their own private jet. I was blown away! You mean you can be that rich as to own plane! Life has thrown me, my share of curved ball, which has delayed my dream. But I never did stop dreaming. Then came OrGano Gold! Now my dreams are on track again. They have provided me with an opportunity to create wealth for me and my family. They say plugged in for 18 months into our proven system of success (a system that has put 6 distributors into the top 100 MLM earner list included the #3 spot being occupied by Mr. Holton Buggs @ over US$600,000 per month) and we will retire you comfortably into the #1 lifestyle. OrGano Gold Diamond Consultant!
I have waited a long time to start dreaming again and 18 months to realized my dream is just a blimp on the radar! For those who have a problem keeping alive their dreams here is a short video of the Chinese bamboo tree:

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  • Thursday, 25 August 2011

    You must pay the price

    The universe will never give you anything until you fully deserve it, because there is no such thing as something for nothing.  This reminds me of a paragraph from one of my favorite book “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon: “Every human being who reaches the age of understanding of the purpose of money wishes for it. Wishing will not bring riches. But desiring riches with a state of mind, then plans with persistence which does not recognize failure, will bring riches”There are too many persons in MLM that feel success can come just by joining an opportunity. If this was the case everybody would be rich.   Wisdom, cleverness and luck alone will not make you rich, except in very rare circumstance (like winning the lottery, in which you stand a better  chance of winning, than if you have a MLM opportunity and do nothing )
              The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho is another favorite book of mine and it sums it up nicely in this paragraph:
    The Alchemist to the boy “What you still need to know is this: before a dream is realized, the Soul of the World tests everything that was learned along the way. It does this not because it is evil, but so that we can, in addition to realizing our dreams, master the lessons we've learned as we've moved toward that dream. That's the point at which most people give up. It's the point at which, as we say in the language of the desert, one 'dies of thirst just when the palm trees have appeared on the horizon.' "Every search begins with beginner's luck. And search ends with the victor severely tested.”
    There is no escaping this law, the question you now need to ask yourself is:
    “How much do I want to change my present circumstance and what price I am willing to pay?”
    I have chosen OrGano Gold to change my situation and I am willling to pay the price!

    Les Brown speak about the need to stick it out until you succeed


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  • Saturday, 20 August 2011

    Lack of determination and discipline

                    Only 3% of all network marketers ever make it to the top. Another 10% get by making a decent second income.  Why is there such a high failure rate in MLM? Is it that the structure is flawed? No its not! Yes sometimes the company might go overboard in its recruitment method and over sell the opportunity. (President Obama is now feeling the backlash on his “yes we can” campaign) The real root of the problem however lies in a lack of discipline and determination.
               The top 3 % go that extra miles and put in that extra effort. Holton Buggs said if you want to succeed in MLM do the exact opposite of what the mass are doing! That is because most people are failing so why follow them. Then what do you look for you may ask yourself. All you need to do is duplicate the little things that the leaders do. Most people go to convention and just listen. They will forget about 80% of what they have heard. You see a small percentage of people taking notes? Follow them! Most people gravitate to the back of the room. Go to the front with your pen a paper and take notes. Any time you have a person that is speaking that is either making more money than you or is the leader in the field in which you want to succeed take notes! Most people play music in their cars, why don’t you listen to a compact disc that will enhance your development? Like the OrGano Gold copy of Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill with audio compact discs. It’s the extra effort that you put in that will determined your success

    the other half of the problem is determination. I can’t understand how it is that someone joins a MLM company then after 2 months or less abandon it and say it doesn’t work! My question to them is this: Is your job working out? No? Then why not quit? Established business takes years before they realize a profit, why don’t they quit? I can also guarantee that many of the failure who drops out don’t plug into the system available to them. They go out and do what they think is the way to go, then when it doesn’t work plan the company. Remember the management team in these MLM are some of the best paid professional who is at the top of their game.  Normally you could not afford to hire such a person on your own, but they are at your disposal. They implement system which are tried and proven but you complain about it without even testing to see if it works. Most of us are not even qualify to make such an assessment. “
    Aim at perfection in everything, though in most things it is unattainable. However, they who aim at it, and persevere, will come much nearer to it than those whose laziness and despondency make them give it up as unattainable.” - Lord Chesterfield.   Master business philosopher Jim Rohn  “walk away from the 97%”

          OrGano Gold is a multiple million dollar business soon to be billion. I enter this business with my eye on the future not the now, even though I made back my initial investment within 6 week. I know 2 facts that boost my faith in the business. The product is undisputable the most consumed product in MLM and the fact that people are hopeless addicted to it. The fact that when I joined this company in January 2010 they were only 10 countries on board, every countries on this planet have people who drinking coffee. A product that is considered unhealthy is now healthy because it has been infused with the Chinese herb, Ganoderma.

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    Saturday, 13 August 2011

    Make a sacrifice to change!

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    Thursday, 11 August 2011

    Faith is believing

              Faith is trust, hope and belief in the goodness, trustworthiness or reliability of a person, concept or entity. It can also refer to beliefs that are not based on proof  - Wikipedia. The birth of all great things in life begins with faith.  According to Napoleon Hill author of the book “Think and Grow Rich” Faith is the head chemist of the mind. He went on to state that “Repetition of affirmation of orders to your subconscious mind is the only known method of voluntary development of the emotion of faith”, and that “faith is the external elixir which gives life, power and action to the impulse of your THOUGHT”.  Powerful stuff from a man that was trying to break down faith to a science, and to logically show the power of having faith and how to cultivate it. See Les Brown video below as he tell us how repetition of affirmation of orders work.    

              The most powerful story for me is in the book of Acts.  This has to be the beginning of faith, after Jesus came and died for our sins and began “THE WAY” (Christianity – follower of Christ) it was interested to witness how mere mortal handle faith without Jesus by their side.  He left 11 disciple (they recruited Matthias after Judas the traitor hang himself) to carry out his teaching of Christianity to the world. (The first real network that started with one (1) Jesus Christ, he found four (4) left this earth with eleven (11) and now Christianity is a 2.2 billion). They continued where Jesus left off and were performing miracles, signs and wonders as how the Bible puts it. However the most powerful example of faith occurs in Acts 14: 8-11. At Lystra there was a crippled man, lame from birth. Who had never walked. He listened to Paul speaking, who looked intently at him, SAW that he had the FAITH to be healed, and called out in a loud voice” Stand up straight on your feet” He jumped up and began to walk about. What was instructive to me in that story is not the miracle, but what Paul saw while looking at the crippled man. He saw that the man had the FAITH to be healed , the man knew he will be healed the man BELIEVED that he will be healed.  That’s where FAITH begins, BELIEF.
             Since I started my global coffee business in January 2011, I know that I would  change my life for the better and it was because of FAITH. A belief that this is the pathway to fulfill my DESIRE to change .  You will not accomplish much in life if you don’t believe, if you don’t have faith in your self and ability. I will not allow me to defeat myself! I will not allow that inner voice to stop me from trying to reach my goals. Too many times we defeat ourself because we talk ourself out of reaching for the sky.What helps fuel my belief/faith is the fact that people before me are getting  the job done and now have financial freedom - 
     what has fuel my belief/faith is that people are getting the health benefits of the Ganoderma herbs that has been infused in our products. What has fuel the belief/faith is our product which has been around for centuries ( with millions of addicted followers) and it will still be around long after I have expired. The belief/faith that OrGano Gold has found a way to make the most consumable product healthy and its changing people’s lives. Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe it can achieve! It’s easy to believe and have faith when the facts are so powerful! 

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    Monday, 8 August 2011

    Change your desire

    How badly do you really want to change? Is it a want or is it a need/desire of you to change? If its only a want, forget it! its not gonna happen.  It has to be a deep burning need/desire for you to even begin to think of change. " A burning desire to be and to do, is the starting point from which the dreamer must take off. Dreams are not born of indifference, laziness or lack of ambition." Napoleon Hill -Think & Grow Rich.
     There is this popular story about a woman who was in a car crash and her son was trap under the wreak. Fearing that her son was going to die she went over to the wreak and weighting only 115 lbs lifted the car to set her son free? How did she do that? weighting only 115 lbs and lifted a car that weight over 2 tons! Her desire! 5 minutes later she remember her gucci bag and went to lift the wreak to retrieve it. NOTHING! What had happen? Did she lost all those muscle she had 5 minutes ago when she lifted the same wreak to save her son? NO! Her desire simply went away.  Lifting the wreak had nothing to do with her strength, it was only her DESIRE!
        I joined OrGano Gold because of my desire to become financial independent. The desire of not want to work a 9-5 anymore. A desire to provide for my daughters what my parent could not give to me. A desire to do what i want when i want. A desire to be the master of my destiny. What did it cost me? US 1100.00 and a change of thought and attitude and a willingness to be persistent and consistent.  Time and time again i have ran into people who just keep whining about how bad the economy is, who they cant make ends meet, and how hard life is. I show them the business and they shy away from even the starter pack which cost US$250.00. REALLY? So your telling me that people would let only US$250 stand in the way of them changing their lives! you moan and groan how life is this and that but refused to change your circumstance. I rather try and fail than not try at all!

    The fact is people are becoming millionaires because of this opportunity. See the latest figure as of July 2011 from Business For Home a independent organization that track the figure of MLM home based business:
    OG top income earner
    .1 Holton Buggs est. $600,000 a month
    .2 John Sachtouras est. $270,000 a month
    .3 Jose Ardon est. $240,000 a month
    .4 Shane Morand est. $200,000 a month
     I dont know about anyone else, but those result after only 2 year are what dreams are made of. The fact that the main product that is driving this company is a product that is called the most consumable product ever! The second most consume beverage after water and the second most trade commodity on the market after oil is all the information i need to start make a change in my life
    * Les Brown on people who love to complaining but

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  • Sunday, 31 July 2011

    How to fix the hurting middle class: Jobs or opportunities?

      Since the recession the entire world has been hurting. Never since the great depression of the 30’s have we seen so much pain, fear and suffering. There have been a bit of recovery, but those have been at the low end of the scale. A recent study and an article by STEPHEN GANDEL OF TIME MAGAZINE suggested that the middle class has taken the brunt of the recession and is yet to recover. (
    The glory days are over for the middle class when it comes to “posh, high end, office with a view jobs” and it’s about time!  Harsh? I think not.  For too long the middle class has been cruising through life with minimal effort.  They are among the brightest of the world population but they have hardly ever engaged their brains and think outside of the box.  If you are so “bright” and educated why can’t you see that 95% of the population is dead broke upon retirement because they locked into the 40/40/40 rule? Working for 40 hours, for 40 years and retire on 40% of your incomes is a recipe for disaster! Majority of the other 5% of people who are living in abundance and wealth are business owners and a few sports stars and popular celebrities. Why are people in the middle class still looking for a job? A full3 year after the start of the recession.  It time to wake up and smell the coffee! Its time to engage your brain for even once and look at other alternative.  After all was taught early that the human spices were all born with a sense of survival and will mutate to its environment to survive.  Check out the video below on Warren Buffet thoughts on Network Marketing.

      The home base business is the fastest growing industry for logical reason.  It allows you to start your own business with minimum capital out lay, usually starting at around US$50- US$1,500.00. Traditional business cost you a leg and an arm with reoccurring expense that can bankrupt you if you don’t have proper capitalization (which is the major cause of most business folding within 3 years). The home base business also provides you with a first rated management team which you could not afford if you had started your own business. These management team are experienced and have been tried and tested over a period of time and they have developed a system that all is required of you is to lock in. So your already home because you lost your job, stay there and become your own CEO and stop search for jobs. Might I offer a suggestion? OrGano Gold makers of healthy coffee.  Coffee is the most consumed beverage after water and the most traded commodity after oil! 400 billion cups are served daily around the world. It’s consumed multiple times per day, every day in every country. Traditionally coffee has been known to be not healthy. We at OrGano Gold have found a way to make coffee healthy! You don’t have to teach or educate people how to drink coffee; they are already drinking it and are addicted to it. Do you think people would switch to a healthier brand of coffee that taste as good or even better that heir current brand? Do you think people would switch even if they get moderate health benefits? Change your coffee, change your life! Check out the video below on Robert Kiyosaki author of " Rich Dad, Poor Dad" on his take on JOB vs OPPORTUNITIES

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  • Thursday, 28 July 2011

    Florida its your time to shine

    Florida has been long considered my second home. People in Jamaica, especially Kingston, with its 20 zip code has always referred to Florida as Kingston 21. The reason is because of the large diaspora of Jamaican that live there. Question: Do you know anyone in South Florida that drink coffee,green tea or hot chocolate at least occasionally? Or do you know anyone who live in South Florida that still dream of become financial independent or looking to make some additional income part-time? Well OrGano Gold led by our own Diamond Consultant of the year Joseph Wilson is about to explode in South Florida. The ground is being prepare for August 20, 2011 when all the diamond consultant will descend up South Florida. What does this mean? MOMENTUM! position yourself before the main event by attending the meeting below. REMEMBER " Its never too late to be the person you should have been" 

    Upon arrival register as a guest of mine. See details below

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  • Monday, 11 July 2011

    Fear is the #1 killer of dreams!

    Fear according to the dictionary is a distressing emotion aroused by impending danger, evil, pain, etc., whether the threat is real or imagined; the feeling or condition of being afraid. We were all born with only two fear according to the experts and that the fear of falling and loud sound. All other fear has being created by our environment that is to say it has been learned. Thus it can be now stated that fear is a state of mind. According to James Allen “That man is the maker of his character, the molder of his life, and the builder of his destiny, he may unerringly prove, if he will WATCH, CONTROL, and ALTER his thought, tracing their effects upon him, upon others and upon his life and circumstance, linking cause and effect by patient practice and investigation.”  In short the human mind is subject to control and direction and thereby the elimination of fear can be attained.  But how does fear end up being the number # killer of dream?
    We have been brought up to go to school, get a good education and get a good job. Education is the key! We feel that if we should strayed away from any one of these principled it’s an unforgivable sin. The education system was set up for us to look jobs! They did not teach us to think business opportunity, have you checked the Forbes richest men in the world list? Only 3 of the top ten have a first degree! The first 2 Carlos “slim” Hallo and Bill gates have none! 95% of people who have a job will end up broke on retirement, so why do we continue to seek job and not business opportunity?  FEAR! Fear of failing, fear of criticism, fear that we are going against conventional wisdom of holding a Job, fear of what people are going to say! There is this saying in Jamaica” People are going to speak about you (be it good or bad) until the day you die” So why worry about what other people are thinking? It’s your life! Why would you have a dream, an idea and not act on it based on fear?  Too many times we allow our dreams, hope aspiration and idea to die with us because of FEAR! I recommend to read this book “As a man thinketh” by James Allen. James will show you that fear can be eliminated by changing your thought. In between time take a look at the video below on Les Brown take on lost opportunity because of fear!

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  • Friday, 8 July 2011

    The evil of negative influence

    Negative influence is the king when it comes to killing one’s dream.  One of the main reasons is because it is not easily detected because it comes through the back door of your subconscious mind and it’s mostly done by family and relatives. Stay away from people who discouraged and depress you, yes included family and relative! I am not saying you should abandon them, just limit the time spend around them because you NEED to protect yourself. The wealthy in society ALWAYS protect them self from negative influences and that why they are wealthy. Henry Ford did not listen to the people who said his dream of make automobile was non sense, neither did the Wright’s brother when they set out to make the first aeroplane! “The person who says it cannot be done should not interrupt the person doing it” this is my all time favourite quote
    ( see Rany Gage view on negative people )

      It is not because your family, relative or friends are evil; their advice can even be interpreted as well –meant words. It’s just that these well-meant words are a result of fear, fear of the unknown, and the what if's. The expert has told us that we are the end result of our five closet friends. The five people who you spend the most time will determine who you are and the major reason is because they are the one who has the most influences you! How many times have you heard the phrase “We are the product of our environment”?   There are people who discourage you willingly, because misery loves company, these are the worst of the lot. These people are the one who you should RUN AWAY from, forget them! These are the people who will discourage you from taking an opportunity then turn around and “borrow” or beg money every single time. While you can forgive people who have well meaning intention there is no forgiveness for this type. Stick to people who think and dream like you, people you can learn and grow from. THROW OUT THE NEGATIVE PEOPLE!
    ( if you dont believe me, then hear what Les Brown think)

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  • Monday, 4 July 2011

    Are you giving your all?

                I came up with this topic after reading LUKE 21:1-4. The story is about the widow’s mite. Jesus was in the temple watching along with his disciples people coming up to contribute their offering. He noticed some wealthy people coming up to put their offering in the treasury, and then he noticed a poor widow who contributing “two small coins”.  Jesus said to his disciple “Truly I tell you this woman has contributed more than the rest, for those wealthy have put in surplus from their wealth but she has given her all (livelihood)”

                 I find this very instructive as the CEO of my own healthy coffee business. There are times when I am not giving my all to the running of my business. I have made it a point to keep this story at the fore front of my mind. I vow that I will put my all, 100% effort. I will not treat this business as a hobby because I will get what I put in. Hobby treatment means hobby returns. Business and 100% effort will yield maximum returns. It reminds me of one of my up line leader Karl. His favourite saying is “if you treat your business casually you run the chance of ending up a casualty” I know it won’t be easy, in this world of daily sound bite, tweet, email, and facebook, it easy to be side tracked. However always keep the story of the widow’s mite at fore front of you mind and you will be reminded to give you all in the running of your business
    **PS I admire the effort of Jose Ardon who can hardly speak english and with a forth grade education rose to the rank of Crown Diamond Ambassador the highest rank in Organ Gold. Sheer determination and giving his all.

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  • Saturday, 2 July 2011

    Don't take that second job!

    Times are hard and the dollar is just not stretching anymore. The bills are mounting. The debt collectors are calling. The first thing that comes to one mind is to find a second Job. Big mistake!
    The first thing that suffers is the family. The family is considered by many as the greatest institution on earth. We are already too busy as it is now, to put additional strain on this blessed institution call family. Here is a simple yet powerful solution. How about you stay home and become your own CEO?
    While home business has been around for ages most people don’t make a decent alternative income. That was until OrGano Gold came into being.  Armed with the world most consumable product after water in its armour of products, OrGano Gold has been shaking up the MLM industry with figure of people making excellent returns on just one of it 7 ways which they pay, retails sales. 

    The secret lies in the fact that coffee is very addictive and has a huge following (400 billion cups are served per day) even though medical expert has always maintain that it’s unhealthy. This and the fact that OrGano Gold has found a way to make this popular addictive beverage healthy! The question that you should now ask is this. Do you think people will switch their coffee to get even some of the health benefits? Of course they will. They are already converting in droves! They have testified that it taste just as good as or better than regular coffee, it makes them feel great and they are even losing weight. OrGano Gold distributors don’t sell coffee in the traditional way of selling. The company package its products in a sample form and all you have to do is hand out samples. Yes, that is it! Hand out sample and let the product do the talking. The result show (it varies differently among individual) Out of every 5 samples handed out 2 person switch their coffee, one person join you in the business of selling coffee, one can’t make up their mind and the other is just not interested. OrGano Gold has 7 different ways that they pay and they pay 5 times per month! This business is the nearest thing to what you call a sure hit. So whether you’re a career mother, career dad or a soccer mom it matters not.  It easy, it’s simple, its coffee!  So don’t go putting additional strain on the family structure just stay home and become you own coffee CEO.

    The tax benefit to be derive from owing your own home based business is AWESOME! You get tax write off after tax write off. Quit simply you pay your taxes after instead of when your in a job you pay it before! Not to mention the amount of deductible you can apply! Watch the video below

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  • Friday, 1 July 2011


    I have been asked many time since the MLM bug bit me, why is it that I am only doing Organo Gold.I told them I am keeping my eyes on the big prize, Organo Gold Diamond Consultant the # 1 lifestyle!
    I must admit this was not the case a couple months ago. I started my MLM career in January 2011 with Organo Gold. My eyes were opened up and I got my reading game back on after parking it for many years. Robert Kiyosaki was a gem with his Rich Dad Poor Dad book along with the cash flow quadrant and the new rules of money series that can be seen on youtube.

     Then I got to reading Think & Grow Rich ( Organo Gold has its own hard over edition along with audio cd) by Napoleon Hill and As a man thinketh by James Allen. Now after such a long absent from the reading game these books had a mega impact on me. So with my new found “knowledge” I dive into 2 other opportunities by the end of February. WRONG MOVE!
    I called my sponsor (who has many years experiencing in MLM) and he was less than impressed. He was like hey Dennis I understand your excitement and I know it is based on your new found knowledge but I think you’re moving too fast and you need to settle down and understand the MLM business. There is a lot of hype out there, your new you have a great company focus on Organo Gold. It was around April at the time and  Organo Gold diamond consultants were in London launching the UK operation. Diamond of the year Joseph Wilson (pastor by training) called me as soon as he came back to Jamaica” hey Dennis what you want to achieved in Organo Gold?” “ I want to be like you, I want it all, diamond consultant and the works!” I replied “I sorry brother you can’t make it the way you’re going about it. Your all over the place, you’re not focus.” Then he went into the story in the bible about serving two masters, I story of which I was quite familiar with. That call did the trick. You ever head the terms figure don’t lie? So true ! I check my figure in my back office and I saw where the minute I stray from prospecting Organo Gold the figure dive down and as soon as I shake off the other MLM the figure went right back up!
    So that the reason why I am only pitching one company.
     When you see me or hear the name Dennis Grant people must say ..there goes the “OG coffee man”. You want coffee? check Dennis Grant. That exactly how I want it to be! Some marketing experts call it branding. I don’t care! What I wish for is ever time you think of coffee, every time your drinking coffee my name will be the first thing that pop in your mind.  I am fully focus and determined, the only thing I see is the million dollar earner diamond ring that I will wear when I become a diamond consultant. I have no plan B, no backup plan, I have burn my bridges, and there is no turning back. Only one way out! The pathway to diamond consultant in organo gold
    ** I found this excellent video sone by Super Star Actor Will Smith

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  • Thursday, 30 June 2011

    Nothing beats residual income monthly!

    Taraji P Henson has Appeared on the Big Screen not one, not two but ten years & counting yet she has not be able to land a $ 1 Million Dollar Movie Role to date! Although she is beautiful, brilliant and a balla TP is still fighting for that one stellar role. Why is this of interest to you? I'm glad you asked. Just under two years ago a young man living with his dad with just $ 1 Thousand Dollars to his name took advantage of an International Coffee Business and now well let's just say he is a documented MILLIONAIRE! That's not all whether he works or not he will earn a 6 figure Residual Income monthly.

    What Taraji hasn't been able to do in ten years on the big screen, David has been able to do in less than 2 years! You do the math 10 years and still fighting or 24 months! The choice is yours, the time is NOW! Get started not now but RIGHT NOW!
    Organo Gold will be the most admired Company in the WORLD!
    Adopted from pressious coffee brown

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    Wednesday, 29 June 2011

    Regular coffee vs Organo Gold Healthy Coffee

    What Coffee Does To Your Body

    Regular Coffee
    Organogold Ganoderma Healthy Coffee

    ¨  Dehydrates
    ¨  Very acidic
    ¨  Raises blood pressure
    ¨  Raises stress levels in the body (can increase production of stress hormone cortisol in the body)
    ¨  Coffee jitters, withdrawal symptoms and caffeine crash
    ¨  Has approximately 135mg of caffeine
    ¨  Most coffee has a pH of 5.5 ( acidic)

    source (click on ganoderma coffee)

    ¨  Balances Ph level, Rehydrates
    ¨  Natural detoxification
    ¨  Strengthens  & boost immune system
    ¨  Oxygenates the body & increases brain power, focus & concentration
    ¨  Provides energy & boosts stamina
    ¨  Improves blood circulation
    ¨  Improves quality of sleep
    ¨  100% Certified Organic Ganoderma
    ¨  No jitters, no anxiety or caffeine crash due to Ganoderma
    ¨  Ganoderma coffee has approx 9 mg of caffeine
    ¨  Ganoderma coffee has a neutral pH between 7.3 and 7.5

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  • Tuesday, 28 June 2011

    Organo Gold Compensation Plan- 7 ways to get pay 5 times per month

    The Organo Gold Compensation Plan is the most generous and fair plan in the Direct Sales industry. The philosophy behind Organo Gold’s Compensation Plan is simple, yet powerful. Encourage and promote the sale of Organo Gold products on a reoccurring basis. Each segment of the compensation plan encourages and enhances activities that affect another segment of the compensation plan. In other words, there should be a domino effect that benefits you, your growing team and the company

    1. Retail:

    The foundation of the Organo Gold opportunity is Retail Sales. Face to Face retail sales allows you to earn income by purchasing Organo Gold products at the wholesale price and then selling them at a retail price of no less than 50% mark-up on Organo Gold beverages. Earn from 50% - 500% by retailing Organo Gold products. Products ordered from the website will be marked up 50%. When retailing Organo Gold products to your customers, you can mark-up whatever percentage you choose as long as it exceeds 50%. All other products can be marked up at the distributor’s choice.
    2. Fast Start Bonus:                                     
    Each time someone you have personally enrolled purchases an Organo Gold promotional Builder Pack, you receive a Fast Start Bonus. The following are examples of commissions that can be earned on the sale of Organo Gold Promotional Product Packs:
    1. Bronze Pack $199 Fast Start $20 (150 CV)
    2. Silver Pack $499 Fast Start $80 (400 CV)
    4. Gold Pack $1295 Fast Start $150 (875 CV)
    3. Dual Team Commissions:
    Team Commissions are another cornerstone of the Organo Gold Compensation Plan. As a new distributor, your focus will be on developing a base of retail and preferred customers. You will also focus on helping your downline generate volume through sales.
    The Team Bonus aspect of the plan is calculated through your placement tree, which has two teams, a right and a left. You will be compensated based on successfully building sales volume within your placement tree. Your sponsor (or anyone else in your placement tree) may place new reps in your placement tree. As your group begins to grow, you can earn Dual Team Commissions based on the Total Sales Volume generated in your lesser volume team. Only Promotional Builder Packs and First Orders are calculated for Dual Team Commissions.
    Organo Gold will pay up to 10% matching volume on both right and left teams. This equivalent to 20% of the Lesser Team’s total CV or Commissionable Volume is based on the lesser team CV for Qualified Representatives.
    Dual Team Earning Potential
    Marketing Associate $500 wk
    Supervisor $1,000 wk
    Consultant $1,500 wk
    Sapphire $5,000 wk
    Ruby $10,000 wk
    Emerald $15,000 wk
    Diamond $20,000 wk
    Blue Diamond $30,000 wk
    Black Diamond $40,000 wk
    Crown Diamond $50,000 wk
    Crown Ambassador $75,000 wk
    4. Unilevel Commissions:
    As you build a solid distributor and customer base you can enjoy the benefits of reoccurring commissions from all reorders that occur in your organization.
    Any Representative who has accumulated 200 PQV and maintains at least 50PQV monthly qualifies for 3 levels of Unilevel Commissions. Any Rep who fails to maintain at least 50 PQV will not be eligible for Unilevel Commissions and their organization will compress up to the next qualified upline for that effective month. This "compression" allows for maximum benefit of Unilevel Commission.
    Sapphire: 4 levels of commissions
    Ruby: 5 levels of commissions
    Emerald: 6 Levels of commissions
    Diamond: 7 levels of commissions
    Blue Diamond: 8 levels of commissions
    Black Diamond and above: 9 levels of commissions
    5. Matching Bonus:
    Organo Gold will pay qualified representatives a bonus up to 20% of the monthly Unilevel earnings of Personally enrolled Organo Gold Representatives. The Matching Bonus encourages Representatives to mentor and help develop representatives deep in their organization, regardless if the representative is on the strong or weak side of their Dual Team. Qualified Representatives at Sapphire and above can qualify for a Matching Bonus on all Unilevel Earnings of all Representatives with the 1st four levels in their Personal Enrollment Tree.
    Consultant 10%
    Sapphire 20%
    Ruby 20% 1st level, 10% 2nd level
    Emerald 20% 1st level, 10% 2nd level, 10% 3rd level
    Diamond and above 20% 1st level, 10% 2nd level, 10% 3rd level, 10% 4th level
    6. Generational Bonus:
    Organo Gold rewards the development of leaders in depth. A Generation begins when a Qualified Sapphire or higher is found in any leg of your Personal Enrollment Tree. This bonus consists of Representatives in your Personal Enrollment Tree, down unlimited depths. Organo Gold will pay as many as four generations of Sapphires or above in a leg based on your rank. As your rank increases (Sapphire to Diamond), so does the number of generations on which you can be paid a Generational Bonus.
    7. Global Bonus Pool:
    Leadership and Service have its Ultimate Reward. This bonus is allocated in direct proportion to one’s contribution to the total Unilevel CV. This encourages low volume participants to work with their sponsors and build their Organo Gold business thanks to the rewarding Global Bonus Pool payouts. This rewards High Volume Leaders to reach beyond their dreams and continue to building the company and their future

    * information gather from company's website. For more detailed information visit :

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