Friday, 1 July 2011


I have been asked many time since the MLM bug bit me, why is it that I am only doing Organo Gold.I told them I am keeping my eyes on the big prize, Organo Gold Diamond Consultant the # 1 lifestyle!
I must admit this was not the case a couple months ago. I started my MLM career in January 2011 with Organo Gold. My eyes were opened up and I got my reading game back on after parking it for many years. Robert Kiyosaki was a gem with his Rich Dad Poor Dad book along with the cash flow quadrant and the new rules of money series that can be seen on youtube.

 Then I got to reading Think & Grow Rich ( Organo Gold has its own hard over edition along with audio cd) by Napoleon Hill and As a man thinketh by James Allen. Now after such a long absent from the reading game these books had a mega impact on me. So with my new found “knowledge” I dive into 2 other opportunities by the end of February. WRONG MOVE!
I called my sponsor (who has many years experiencing in MLM) and he was less than impressed. He was like hey Dennis I understand your excitement and I know it is based on your new found knowledge but I think you’re moving too fast and you need to settle down and understand the MLM business. There is a lot of hype out there, your new you have a great company focus on Organo Gold. It was around April at the time and  Organo Gold diamond consultants were in London launching the UK operation. Diamond of the year Joseph Wilson (pastor by training) called me as soon as he came back to Jamaica” hey Dennis what you want to achieved in Organo Gold?” “ I want to be like you, I want it all, diamond consultant and the works!” I replied “I sorry brother you can’t make it the way you’re going about it. Your all over the place, you’re not focus.” Then he went into the story in the bible about serving two masters, I story of which I was quite familiar with. That call did the trick. You ever head the terms figure don’t lie? So true ! I check my figure in my back office and I saw where the minute I stray from prospecting Organo Gold the figure dive down and as soon as I shake off the other MLM the figure went right back up!
So that the reason why I am only pitching one company.
 When you see me or hear the name Dennis Grant people must say ..there goes the “OG coffee man”. You want coffee? check Dennis Grant. That exactly how I want it to be! Some marketing experts call it branding. I don’t care! What I wish for is ever time you think of coffee, every time your drinking coffee my name will be the first thing that pop in your mind.  I am fully focus and determined, the only thing I see is the million dollar earner diamond ring that I will wear when I become a diamond consultant. I have no plan B, no backup plan, I have burn my bridges, and there is no turning back. Only one way out! The pathway to diamond consultant in organo gold
** I found this excellent video sone by Super Star Actor Will Smith

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