Monday, 8 August 2011

Change your desire

How badly do you really want to change? Is it a want or is it a need/desire of you to change? If its only a want, forget it! its not gonna happen.  It has to be a deep burning need/desire for you to even begin to think of change. " A burning desire to be and to do, is the starting point from which the dreamer must take off. Dreams are not born of indifference, laziness or lack of ambition." Napoleon Hill -Think & Grow Rich.
 There is this popular story about a woman who was in a car crash and her son was trap under the wreak. Fearing that her son was going to die she went over to the wreak and weighting only 115 lbs lifted the car to set her son free? How did she do that? weighting only 115 lbs and lifted a car that weight over 2 tons! Her desire! 5 minutes later she remember her gucci bag and went to lift the wreak to retrieve it. NOTHING! What had happen? Did she lost all those muscle she had 5 minutes ago when she lifted the same wreak to save her son? NO! Her desire simply went away.  Lifting the wreak had nothing to do with her strength, it was only her DESIRE!
    I joined OrGano Gold because of my desire to become financial independent. The desire of not want to work a 9-5 anymore. A desire to provide for my daughters what my parent could not give to me. A desire to do what i want when i want. A desire to be the master of my destiny. What did it cost me? US 1100.00 and a change of thought and attitude and a willingness to be persistent and consistent.  Time and time again i have ran into people who just keep whining about how bad the economy is, who they cant make ends meet, and how hard life is. I show them the business and they shy away from even the starter pack which cost US$250.00. REALLY? So your telling me that people would let only US$250 stand in the way of them changing their lives! you moan and groan how life is this and that but refused to change your circumstance. I rather try and fail than not try at all!

The fact is people are becoming millionaires because of this opportunity. See the latest figure as of July 2011 from Business For Home a independent organization that track the figure of MLM home based business:
OG top income earner
.1 Holton Buggs est. $600,000 a month
.2 John Sachtouras est. $270,000 a month
.3 Jose Ardon est. $240,000 a month
.4 Shane Morand est. $200,000 a month
 I dont know about anyone else, but those result after only 2 year are what dreams are made of. The fact that the main product that is driving this company is a product that is called the most consumable product ever! The second most consume beverage after water and the second most trade commodity on the market after oil is all the information i need to start make a change in my life
* Les Brown on people who love to complaining but

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    1. Hi Dennis,

      Great post! It is a shame really but I think that people do not believe they can succeed in business. That is the only reason I can think of when they do not want to take the step and build their own business. People need to believe in themselves and know that they can succeed but the only way to succeed is to start!