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Organo Gold Compensation Plan- 7 ways to get pay 5 times per month

The Organo Gold Compensation Plan is the most generous and fair plan in the Direct Sales industry. The philosophy behind Organo Gold’s Compensation Plan is simple, yet powerful. Encourage and promote the sale of Organo Gold products on a reoccurring basis. Each segment of the compensation plan encourages and enhances activities that affect another segment of the compensation plan. In other words, there should be a domino effect that benefits you, your growing team and the company

1. Retail:

The foundation of the Organo Gold opportunity is Retail Sales. Face to Face retail sales allows you to earn income by purchasing Organo Gold products at the wholesale price and then selling them at a retail price of no less than 50% mark-up on Organo Gold beverages. Earn from 50% - 500% by retailing Organo Gold products. Products ordered from the website will be marked up 50%. When retailing Organo Gold products to your customers, you can mark-up whatever percentage you choose as long as it exceeds 50%. All other products can be marked up at the distributor’s choice.
2. Fast Start Bonus:                                     
Each time someone you have personally enrolled purchases an Organo Gold promotional Builder Pack, you receive a Fast Start Bonus. The following are examples of commissions that can be earned on the sale of Organo Gold Promotional Product Packs:
1. Bronze Pack $199 Fast Start $20 (150 CV)
2. Silver Pack $499 Fast Start $80 (400 CV)
4. Gold Pack $1295 Fast Start $150 (875 CV)
3. Dual Team Commissions:
Team Commissions are another cornerstone of the Organo Gold Compensation Plan. As a new distributor, your focus will be on developing a base of retail and preferred customers. You will also focus on helping your downline generate volume through sales.
The Team Bonus aspect of the plan is calculated through your placement tree, which has two teams, a right and a left. You will be compensated based on successfully building sales volume within your placement tree. Your sponsor (or anyone else in your placement tree) may place new reps in your placement tree. As your group begins to grow, you can earn Dual Team Commissions based on the Total Sales Volume generated in your lesser volume team. Only Promotional Builder Packs and First Orders are calculated for Dual Team Commissions.
Organo Gold will pay up to 10% matching volume on both right and left teams. This equivalent to 20% of the Lesser Team’s total CV or Commissionable Volume is based on the lesser team CV for Qualified Representatives.
Dual Team Earning Potential
Marketing Associate $500 wk
Supervisor $1,000 wk
Consultant $1,500 wk
Sapphire $5,000 wk
Ruby $10,000 wk
Emerald $15,000 wk
Diamond $20,000 wk
Blue Diamond $30,000 wk
Black Diamond $40,000 wk
Crown Diamond $50,000 wk
Crown Ambassador $75,000 wk
4. Unilevel Commissions:
As you build a solid distributor and customer base you can enjoy the benefits of reoccurring commissions from all reorders that occur in your organization.
Any Representative who has accumulated 200 PQV and maintains at least 50PQV monthly qualifies for 3 levels of Unilevel Commissions. Any Rep who fails to maintain at least 50 PQV will not be eligible for Unilevel Commissions and their organization will compress up to the next qualified upline for that effective month. This "compression" allows for maximum benefit of Unilevel Commission.
Sapphire: 4 levels of commissions
Ruby: 5 levels of commissions
Emerald: 6 Levels of commissions
Diamond: 7 levels of commissions
Blue Diamond: 8 levels of commissions
Black Diamond and above: 9 levels of commissions
5. Matching Bonus:
Organo Gold will pay qualified representatives a bonus up to 20% of the monthly Unilevel earnings of Personally enrolled Organo Gold Representatives. The Matching Bonus encourages Representatives to mentor and help develop representatives deep in their organization, regardless if the representative is on the strong or weak side of their Dual Team. Qualified Representatives at Sapphire and above can qualify for a Matching Bonus on all Unilevel Earnings of all Representatives with the 1st four levels in their Personal Enrollment Tree.
Consultant 10%
Sapphire 20%
Ruby 20% 1st level, 10% 2nd level
Emerald 20% 1st level, 10% 2nd level, 10% 3rd level
Diamond and above 20% 1st level, 10% 2nd level, 10% 3rd level, 10% 4th level
6. Generational Bonus:
Organo Gold rewards the development of leaders in depth. A Generation begins when a Qualified Sapphire or higher is found in any leg of your Personal Enrollment Tree. This bonus consists of Representatives in your Personal Enrollment Tree, down unlimited depths. Organo Gold will pay as many as four generations of Sapphires or above in a leg based on your rank. As your rank increases (Sapphire to Diamond), so does the number of generations on which you can be paid a Generational Bonus.
7. Global Bonus Pool:
Leadership and Service have its Ultimate Reward. This bonus is allocated in direct proportion to one’s contribution to the total Unilevel CV. This encourages low volume participants to work with their sponsors and build their Organo Gold business thanks to the rewarding Global Bonus Pool payouts. This rewards High Volume Leaders to reach beyond their dreams and continue to building the company and their future

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