Saturday, 2 July 2011

Don't take that second job!

Times are hard and the dollar is just not stretching anymore. The bills are mounting. The debt collectors are calling. The first thing that comes to one mind is to find a second Job. Big mistake!
The first thing that suffers is the family. The family is considered by many as the greatest institution on earth. We are already too busy as it is now, to put additional strain on this blessed institution call family. Here is a simple yet powerful solution. How about you stay home and become your own CEO?
While home business has been around for ages most people don’t make a decent alternative income. That was until OrGano Gold came into being.  Armed with the world most consumable product after water in its armour of products, OrGano Gold has been shaking up the MLM industry with figure of people making excellent returns on just one of it 7 ways which they pay, retails sales. 

The secret lies in the fact that coffee is very addictive and has a huge following (400 billion cups are served per day) even though medical expert has always maintain that it’s unhealthy. This and the fact that OrGano Gold has found a way to make this popular addictive beverage healthy! The question that you should now ask is this. Do you think people will switch their coffee to get even some of the health benefits? Of course they will. They are already converting in droves! They have testified that it taste just as good as or better than regular coffee, it makes them feel great and they are even losing weight. OrGano Gold distributors don’t sell coffee in the traditional way of selling. The company package its products in a sample form and all you have to do is hand out samples. Yes, that is it! Hand out sample and let the product do the talking. The result show (it varies differently among individual) Out of every 5 samples handed out 2 person switch their coffee, one person join you in the business of selling coffee, one can’t make up their mind and the other is just not interested. OrGano Gold has 7 different ways that they pay and they pay 5 times per month! This business is the nearest thing to what you call a sure hit. So whether you’re a career mother, career dad or a soccer mom it matters not.  It easy, it’s simple, its coffee!  So don’t go putting additional strain on the family structure just stay home and become you own coffee CEO.

The tax benefit to be derive from owing your own home based business is AWESOME! You get tax write off after tax write off. Quit simply you pay your taxes after instead of when your in a job you pay it before! Not to mention the amount of deductible you can apply! Watch the video below

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