Monday, 3 September 2012

What after retirement?

                    I was hanging out with some family and friends last night and I shouted out to them "welcome to the best month of the year". The next obvious question was “OK Dennis, how old will you be on the 27th  So I said 44 and one of my  friend was “Man you’re getting up in age you have only 16years before you retire!”  I chuckled and reply “So who in here is getting younger, raise your hands” Of course no one did. So I remark “Not only is no one getting younger, but your all within my age group,  so we are all near retirement age, what is your plan, what will you do? Can you survive on your retirement plan? ” I suck the entire air out of the room! The setting move from being a “Chilling out with good friends” to “What am I going to do when I retire” Of course I felt bad, but it had to be said! Somebody had to let them know the 40/40/40 rules is one of the cruelest rules mankind has ever invented! Working for 40 hours a week, for 40 years and retire on 40% of the income just don’t make sense. You either have to jump off or have a good plan “B”
                  I had confronted this issue 2 years ago and jump on the Organo Gold business opportunity as my plan “B”. I evaluate these facts. Coffee is the second most consumable beverage (Not Coke or Pepsi) after water, the second most traded commodity after Oil. It has been around for ages, its drank in every country, every single day, multiple times per day! Millions of people (75% in North America) are hopelessly addicted to this legalizes drugs and Organo Gold has found a way to make it healthy!
I don’t know about you but I don’t need to hear any more!  

Watch all the videos in the link below and get back to me AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!

Dennis Grant
“Change your coffee, change your life”

Saturday, 14 July 2012

            There are 3 stages in all successful company. There is the FORMULATION stage. In Organo Gold this is the stage where we get the small things right. Website is up, the products are being delivered, Distributors are being paid. The little thing we take for granted but can make or break a company. I will leave the second stage for now. The Third stage is STABILITY, where the company is well establish world wide with great products. Companies like Amway, Avon and Mary Kaye comes to mind. Solid company with great products. Sometimes call "blue chip" company.
I now come back to the second stage, which by the way is where Organo Gold is now at.
         This is the MOMENTUM stage. This is when the company is poised for growth and begin to expand rapidly to other countries. We have recently opened Taiwan, Malaysia, Philippines, Spain, Ireland and Poland in the past 3 months. Japan, Russia, Nigeria, Brazil will be open in short order. This is the stage where millionaires are made! These countries have huge coffee drinkers and are ripe for the taking. Ask your self " Do you think people will stop drinking coffee any time soon?" " Do think people will switch to a healthier version especially if they get paid?" You see its not a matter of if but when, you dont have to convince people to drink coffee they are already drinking it! Organo Gold is currently looking for business minded people who are motivated to create by capturing 1% of the coffee market. The company will split the profit 50:50 with its distributors. The question is do you want to be in the game getting your slice of the pie or will you be on the side line cheering or wondering if Organo Gold the real deal?  It will be done with or without you. I choose i am in!

        Listen up to VP of Sales, the Michael Jordon of MLM, Multiple Millionaire, Millionaire Maker, Motivator, Leader Mr. Holton "Superman" Buggs

Dennis D. Grant
Organo Gold Distributor
ID# 28685601

Monday, 20 February 2012

Ganoderma in the Treatment of Cancer

Ganoderma belongs to the Polyporaceae group of the Fungi family - Reishi and some formulas contain other mushrooms.
Ganoderma works in the treatment of cancer because it helps cleanse the body from toxins and it helps strengthen the immune system. It enhances liver detoxification, thus improving liver function and stimulating the regeneration of liver cells - making it a very important supplement for those who have liver cancer.
The anti-cancer agents in Ganoderma are the polysaccharides and Germanium. The polyshaccharide fraction of Ganoderma is largely responsible for its anti-tumor efficacy. Indications for Ganoderma use in cancer include supplementation a) to reduce side-effects during chemotherapy or radiotherapy, b) to prolonging survival and minimize metastasis, c) to improve quality of life, and d) to prevent occurrence or recurrence.
Ganoderma can be used as a supplement during chemotherapy or radiotherapy to reduce side-effects such as fatigue, loss of appetite, hair loss, bone marrow suppression and risk of infection. It can also reduce the toxic and side effects and mitigate the pains during chemotherapy and radiotherapy, in particular to cancer patients at terminal stages for prolonging their lives and improving their living quality.
Qualities of Ganoderma that help in the treatment of cancer include:

• It enhances and helps regulate the immune and endocrine system, prevent tumors, improving the circulation and eliminating harmful free radicals.
• Inhibits DNA synthesis of the cancer cells, destroys the terminal enzyme activity of the tumor cells, promotes macrophages and regulates T and B lymphocytes, thus restraining the spread of cancer cells.
• It can also reduce the toxic and side effects and mitigate the pains during chemotherapy and radiotherapy
• Enhances liver detoxification, thus improving liver function and stimulating the regeneration of liver cells.
• Helps with cancerous ascites, increases appetite and help relieve the pain of late stage cancer.
• It is especially effective with kidney diseases.

Ganoderma Lucidum has a history of powerfully improving the immune system and balancing the body's functions. When the body cells are repaired it potentially enables the body's functions to be enhanced and balanced. Ganoderma Lucidum contains Yin (negative) and Yang (positive) and has a history of powerfully improving the immune system and balancing the body's functions..
Websites with information and additional sources include: