Monday, 4 July 2011

Are you giving your all?

            I came up with this topic after reading LUKE 21:1-4. The story is about the widow’s mite. Jesus was in the temple watching along with his disciples people coming up to contribute their offering. He noticed some wealthy people coming up to put their offering in the treasury, and then he noticed a poor widow who contributing “two small coins”.  Jesus said to his disciple “Truly I tell you this woman has contributed more than the rest, for those wealthy have put in surplus from their wealth but she has given her all (livelihood)”

             I find this very instructive as the CEO of my own healthy coffee business. There are times when I am not giving my all to the running of my business. I have made it a point to keep this story at the fore front of my mind. I vow that I will put my all, 100% effort. I will not treat this business as a hobby because I will get what I put in. Hobby treatment means hobby returns. Business and 100% effort will yield maximum returns. It reminds me of one of my up line leader Karl. His favourite saying is “if you treat your business casually you run the chance of ending up a casualty” I know it won’t be easy, in this world of daily sound bite, tweet, email, and facebook, it easy to be side tracked. However always keep the story of the widow’s mite at fore front of you mind and you will be reminded to give you all in the running of your business
**PS I admire the effort of Jose Ardon who can hardly speak english and with a forth grade education rose to the rank of Crown Diamond Ambassador the highest rank in Organ Gold. Sheer determination and giving his all.

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