Sunday, 31 July 2011

How to fix the hurting middle class: Jobs or opportunities?

  Since the recession the entire world has been hurting. Never since the great depression of the 30’s have we seen so much pain, fear and suffering. There have been a bit of recovery, but those have been at the low end of the scale. A recent study and an article by STEPHEN GANDEL OF TIME MAGAZINE suggested that the middle class has taken the brunt of the recession and is yet to recover. (
The glory days are over for the middle class when it comes to “posh, high end, office with a view jobs” and it’s about time!  Harsh? I think not.  For too long the middle class has been cruising through life with minimal effort.  They are among the brightest of the world population but they have hardly ever engaged their brains and think outside of the box.  If you are so “bright” and educated why can’t you see that 95% of the population is dead broke upon retirement because they locked into the 40/40/40 rule? Working for 40 hours, for 40 years and retire on 40% of your incomes is a recipe for disaster! Majority of the other 5% of people who are living in abundance and wealth are business owners and a few sports stars and popular celebrities. Why are people in the middle class still looking for a job? A full3 year after the start of the recession.  It time to wake up and smell the coffee! Its time to engage your brain for even once and look at other alternative.  After all was taught early that the human spices were all born with a sense of survival and will mutate to its environment to survive.  Check out the video below on Warren Buffet thoughts on Network Marketing.

  The home base business is the fastest growing industry for logical reason.  It allows you to start your own business with minimum capital out lay, usually starting at around US$50- US$1,500.00. Traditional business cost you a leg and an arm with reoccurring expense that can bankrupt you if you don’t have proper capitalization (which is the major cause of most business folding within 3 years). The home base business also provides you with a first rated management team which you could not afford if you had started your own business. These management team are experienced and have been tried and tested over a period of time and they have developed a system that all is required of you is to lock in. So your already home because you lost your job, stay there and become your own CEO and stop search for jobs. Might I offer a suggestion? OrGano Gold makers of healthy coffee.  Coffee is the most consumed beverage after water and the most traded commodity after oil! 400 billion cups are served daily around the world. It’s consumed multiple times per day, every day in every country. Traditionally coffee has been known to be not healthy. We at OrGano Gold have found a way to make coffee healthy! You don’t have to teach or educate people how to drink coffee; they are already drinking it and are addicted to it. Do you think people would switch to a healthier brand of coffee that taste as good or even better that heir current brand? Do you think people would switch even if they get moderate health benefits? Change your coffee, change your life! Check out the video below on Robert Kiyosaki author of " Rich Dad, Poor Dad" on his take on JOB vs OPPORTUNITIES

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