Thursday, 28 July 2011

Florida its your time to shine

Florida has been long considered my second home. People in Jamaica, especially Kingston, with its 20 zip code has always referred to Florida as Kingston 21. The reason is because of the large diaspora of Jamaican that live there. Question: Do you know anyone in South Florida that drink coffee,green tea or hot chocolate at least occasionally? Or do you know anyone who live in South Florida that still dream of become financial independent or looking to make some additional income part-time? Well OrGano Gold led by our own Diamond Consultant of the year Joseph Wilson is about to explode in South Florida. The ground is being prepare for August 20, 2011 when all the diamond consultant will descend up South Florida. What does this mean? MOMENTUM! position yourself before the main event by attending the meeting below. REMEMBER " Its never too late to be the person you should have been" 

Upon arrival register as a guest of mine. See details below

  • Dennis D. Grant
  • Independent Distributor  :     28685601
  • Organo Gold Coffee :    
  • Tel: (876)832-9945
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