Monday, 14 October 2013

Am I too late to join Organo Gold?

Organo Gold 5th annual convention held at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas between Oct. 4-6, 2013 was a tremendous success. People are now beginning to take notice and are asking how is it we have achieve this level of success in such a short period of time. Our Exec. VP of sales Mr. Holton has stated that we are now entering wage 2 of the Organo Gold movement and address the word on everybody lips included professional network marketer; Am I too lat to join Organo Gold.

 75 NEW people received rings signifying that they earned $100k+;
12 NEW people received $250k+ rings;
11 NEW people received $500k+ rings;
8 NEW people received $1mil+ rings;...
2 NEW people received $2mil+ rings;
2 NEW people received $4mil+ rings; and
1 NEW person received a $5mil+ ring.
ALL DONE IN THE LAST 12 MONTHS!!!! and that was only those that attended convention!
Please also note that this were for NEW people who have achieve new earning. This figure do not include person in previous year who have retain their earning but have not reach the next level. This is what has shock the industry!

Its only coffee my friends there is not rocket science to this business, there is not a lot of moving parts to this business. We have the second most consumed beverage after water and we give sample away and people keep coming back for more. Oh did I mention it is a healthy version of coffee, that have retain the same flavor and taste of regular coffee?

Have a look at the World Top MLM Income Earners Listing, Organo Gold has 4 of the top 6! AMAZING statistic!

Listen to the different leaders of Organo Gold addressing the question on leading MLM industry leaders "Is it too late to join Organo Gold


Chang your coffee, change your life"
Dennis Grant

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Africa invasion

Organo Gold annual convention in Las Vegas was AWESOME! We celebrate our 5th anniversary in style and did the distributors turn out in numbers! The main arena was full to capacity we had to add another extended facility! We honor a lot of ring earner, which signify earning for a 12 month period. We honor from US$100,000 per year up to US$4million per year. What an achievement for a 5 yr old company. We did US$900 million this year and next year we will be the first MLM company to a BILLION dollar!

The most important announcement to me was the opening of Africa! Organo Gold will be open for business in KENYA on OCT. 19, 2013!
The rest of African countries will be open soon after namely Nigeria, South Africa and Ghana. I am really excited because Africa has the faster rate of growth. Everyone eye is on Africa.

Africa is going to be huge! If you live in any of the above mention countries we need to talk about leveraging the coffee industry on not only the African Continent but the entire world. Organo Gold has created over 40 millionaires in 5 years and we have no intention of stopping any time soon. We currently have 4 of 6 WORLD TOP MLM INCOME EARNERS: Including the #1 Income Earner Mr. Holton Buggs US$14 million a year:

Listen to Mr. Holton Buggs explaining the simplicity of the Organo Gold business model and how it has change people lives for the better

 If you live or know anyone living in Kenya and the other African schedule to open soon Please send me a message. I currently have a business partner currently in the capital NAIROBI conducting training before the launch, message be for detail.

Dennis Grant
"change your coffee, change your life"

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Amazing health coincidence!

                  My mother who will be 63 in September suffer from High Blood Pressure and has to take medication.  We call her Miss Frequent Flyer since she spends more time away from Jamaica visiting family in other countries.  She was in Jamaica recently for an extended period of time and while visiting her at the family home, I saw her monitoring her blood pressure by checking it and then taking her medication. I had some samples of Organo Gold Green Tea (She hates coffee) so I gave her a few.  She called me a couple days after and told me how good the tea was and that it in fact gave her energy and that she did not feel so “tense” in her head. I knew deep down that the tea was working. So I send an entire box (25 sachets to her).  I got a call the very first week if her drinking Organo Gold Green Tea. “Dennis, I think your product is working, I have notice my pressure is falling, as the reading are going down daily. I have now cut my blood pressure medication in half”.  She was totally shock that for all this time I was telling her my product work she never believe me.

                    At the end of the month I visited her again and she took out her sheet where she records her blood pressure reading and there it was before my very eyes the result that my product works. She is now totally off blood pressure medication and her energy is now at optimal level. I was there looking at her smiling with that “ I told you look” then she said “ I am a bit scared cause I don’t want to be hook on your Green Tea” I said Mom which would you rather be addicted to Pharmaceutical medication or Natural Green tea, which you are already drinking every day anyway. She nods knowing the answer was pretty obvious, it’s always better to go green when it comes to your health.

               Now let me make this clear neither I nor Organo Gold is making any medical claims here. I am simple relating what happen when my mother drinks Organo Gold Green tea.  I am not saying that our Green Tea has cured her of high blood pressure, but what I know about the Ganoderma, is that it allows the body to function the way it was meant to work. So in Organo Gold we describe  these event as amazing health coincidence!

Dennis Grant
"Change your coffee, Change your life"

Saturday, 17 August 2013

A paradigm shift

There is a paradigm shift taking place before our very eyes. The Industrial age saw the advent of the 40hr week alias 9-5 job. The information age has thrown that concept out the window, creating over night millionaire & billionaire. There is no longer a concept call job security! I for one should know, I have been a government worker for over 20 years. I have survive one "modernization" cut and currenlt facing  a "efficent, self sustaing agency" excerise. The world has changed my friends, even the unions are facing reality. The "Good old days" I afarid are gone and never to return. This is not to spread any Gloom and Doom. Just a wake up call that we need to change the way we think and operate going forward. Just a slight shift in our mind set. I have included below one of my favourite parable about what you need to do to survive going forward. 

Most people have been condition to think like Bruno, exchanging time for money. This as you can see base on the story above is the outdated way of thinking, it just does not work! Pablo path is the way to go, the way of the future!

      I have decided to follow the "Pablo the pipeline path" 2 1/2 years ago and I have no regrets! I have business Partners all over the world helping me to achive financal freedom. Currently my pipeline business has allow 4 distributors in the WORLD TOP MLM INCOME EARNERS LISTING:

Organo Gold is a simple system that allow you to partner with people around the world be it full time or part time. Listen to The #1 MLM Income Earner in the World,earning over US$14 million per year Mr. Holton Buggs explaining the the simplicity of this business.

The sun no longer set on my income. Residual Income flow every week! Lets have a discussion about securing another source income that will work for you, while you sleep or play!

Dennis Grant
"Change your coffee,change your life"

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Run or die!

Most people get into on-line / home based business thinking it’s a walk over. You just buy into a business fold your arm and left it on auto pilot. I an sorry guys this is not the lotery ticket. Most peaople act ss if it’s not work, and they end up treating it like a hobby, instead of a business. As Organo Gold Jamaican Diamond Consultant Mr. Karl Thomson

( ) said “If you treat your business casually you will end up a causality”

People just need to understand that there is a reason why it’s called: netWORK marketing. The people who succeed in this type of business model are the one who runs the fastest out of the block. It’s a numbers game and the more people you talk to in a short period of time that creates momentum. It's like this, you work hard and grow your business and then once you get other people to duplicate what you have done then you can relax and start reaping.

Everyday in Africa a gazelle wakes up, it knows it must RUN FASTER than the FASTEST CHEETAH or it will be killed. Every morning a CHEETAH WAKES UP, It knows that it must OUTRUN the slowest gazelle or it will STARVE to DEATH. It doesn’t matter whether you are a Cheetha or a gazelle. When the sun comes up, you better be running.

Organo Gold have created over 40 millionaires after only 5 years in business. They have 5 of 16 on WORLD TOP MLM INCOME EARNERS LISTING:  including the #1 position earning over US$15 million per year. Now that is some running!

What are you a Lion or a Gazelle?
Do you need motivation to run or do you have the desire to achieve success?

Dennis Grant

“Change your coffee, change your life”

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

A story about my core belief

The Parable Of The Pipeline
 by Burke Hedges

 Once upon a time long, long ago, two ambitious young cousins named Pablo and
 Bruno lived side by side in a small Italian village.
 The young men were best buddies, and big dreamers.
 They would talk endlessly about how someday, someway, they would become
 the richest men in the village. They were both bright and hard working. All they
 needed was an opportunity.
 One day that opportunity arrived. The village decided to hire two men to carry
 water from a nearby river to a cistern in the town square. The job went to Pablo
 and Bruno.
 Each man grabbed two buckets and headed to the river. By the end of the day,
 they had filled the town cistern to the brim. The village elder paid them one
 penny for each bucket of water.
 "This is our dream come true! "shouted Bruno. "I can't believe our good fortune."
 But Pablo wasn't so sure.
 His back ached and his hands were blistered from carrying the heavy buckets. He
 dreaded getting up and going to work the next morning. He vowed to think of a
 better way to get the water from the river to the village.
 Pablo The Pipeline Man:
 "Bruno, I have a plan," Pablo said the next morning as they grabbed their
 buckets and headed for the river. "Instead of lugging buckets back and forth for
 pennies a day, let's build a pipeline from the village to the river."
 Bruno stopped dead in his tracks.
 "A pipeline! Whoever heard of such a thing?" Bruno shouted. "We've got a great
 job, Pablo. I can carry 100 buckets a day. At a penny a bucket that's a dollar a
 day! I'm rich!. By the end of the week, I can buy a new pair of shoes. By the end
 of the month a cow. By the end of six months I can buy a new hut. We have the
 best job in town. We have weekends
 off and two weeks paid vacation every year. We're set for life! Get out of here
 with your pipeline."
 But Pablo was not easily discouraged. He patiently explained the pipeline plan to
 his best friend. Pablo would work part of the day carrying buckets, and part of
 the day and weekends building his pipeline.
 He knew it would be hard work digging a ditch in the rocky soil. Because he was
 paid by the bucket he knew his income would drop. He also knew it might take a
 year or two before his pipeline would pay off. But Pablo believed in his dream and
 he went to work.
 Bruno and the rest of the villagers began mocking Pablo, calling him "Pablo The
 Pipeline Man." Bruno, who was earning almost twice the money as Pablo,
 flaunted his new purchases. He bought a donkey outfitted with a new leather
 saddle, which he kept parked outside his new two-story hut. He bought flashy
 clothes and fancy meals at the inn. The villagers called him Mr. Bruno, and they
 cheered when he bought rounds at the tavern and
 laughed loudly at his jokes.
 Small Actions Equal Big Results:
 While Bruno lay in his hammock on evenings and weekends, Pablo kept digging
 his pipeline. The first few months Pablo didn't have much to show for his efforts.
 The work was hard, even harder than Bruno's because Pablo was working
 evenings and weekends too.
 But Pablo kept reminding himself that tommorrow's dreams are built on today’s
 sacrifices. Day by day he dug, inch by inch.
 Inches turned into one foot........... then ten feet............ then 20............. then
 "Short-term pain equals long-term gain," he reminded himself as he stumbled
 into his hut after another exuasting day's work. "In time my reward will exceed
 my efforts," he thought.
 "Keep your eyes on the prize," he kept thinking as he drifted off to sleep with the
 sounds of laughter from the village tavern in the background.
 The Tables Are Turned:
 Days turned into months.One day Pablo realized his pipeline was half-way
 finished, which meant he only had to walk half as far to fill his buckets! Pablo
 used the extra time to work on his pipeline.
 Durring his rest breaks, Pablo watched his old friend Bruno lug buckets. Bruno's
 shoulders were more stooped than ever. He was hunched in pain, his steps
 slowed by the daily grind. Bruno was angry and sullen, resenting the fact that he
 was doomed to carry buckets, day in, day out, for the rest of his life.
 He began to spend less time in his hammock and more time in the tavern. When
 the tavern's patrons saw Bruno coming they'd whisper, "Here comes Bruno the
 Bucket Man, " and they giggle when the town drunk mimicked Bruno's stooped
 posture and shuffling gait. Bruno didn't buy rounds or tell jokes anymore,
 preferring to sit alone in a dark corner
 surrounded by empty bottles.
 Finally Pablo's big day arrived, his pipeline was complete! The villagers crowded
 around as the water gushed from the pipeline into the village cistern! Now that
 the village had a steady supply of fresh water, people from around the
 countryside moved into the village and the village prospered.
 Once the pipeline was complete, Pablo didn't have to carry buckets anymore. The
 water flowed whether he worked or not. It flowed while he ate. It flowed while he
 slept. It flowed on weekends while he played. The more the water flowed into the
 village, the more money flowed into Pablo's pockets!
 Pablo the Pipeline Man became known as Pablo the Miracle Maker. But Pablo
 understood what he did wasn't a miracle. It was merely the first stage of a big,
 big dream. You see, Pablo had bigger plans. Pablo planned on building pipelines
 all over the world!.
 Recruiting His Friend To Help:
 The pipeline drove "Bruno The Bucket Man" out of business, and it pained Pablo
 to see his old friend begging for drinks at the tavern. So, Pablo arranged a
 meeting with his old friend.
 "Bruno, I've come here to ask you for your help." Bruno straightened his stooped
 shoulders, and his dark eyes narrowed to a squint. "Don't mock me," Bruno
 "I haven't come here to gloat," said Pablo. "I've come here to offer you a great
 business opportunity. It took me more than two years before my first pipeline
 was complete. But I've learned a lot during those two years. I know what tools to
 use now, and where to dig. I know where to lay the pipe. I kept notes as I went
 along so now I have a system that
 will allow me to build another pipeline in less time........... then another...........
 then another.
 I could build a pipeline a year by myself, but what I plan on doing is teach you
 how to build a pipeline, then have you teach others and have them teach others.
 "Just think, we could make a small percentage of every gallon of water that goes
 through those pipelines."
 Bruno finally saw the big picture. They shook hands and hugged like old friends.
 Pipeline Dreams In A Bucket-Carrying World:
 Years passed. Their world pipelines were pumping millions of dollars into their
 bank accounts. Sometimes on their trips through the countryside, Pablo and
 Bruno would pass villagers from other villages carrying buckets.
 The friends would pull over and tell them their story and offer to help them build
 a pipeline. But sadly, most bucket carriers would hastily dismiss the notion.
 "I don't have the time."
 "My friend told me he knew a friend who's uncle's best friend tried to build a
 pipeline and failed."
 "Only the ones who get in early make money on a pipeline."
 "I've carried buckets my whole life, I'll stick to what I know."
 "I know people who lost money in a pipeline scam."
 Both men resigned themselves to the fact they lived in a world with a bucket-
 carrying mentality............. and only a very small percentage of people would
 ever see the vision.
 End Of Story
 Who are you? A bucket-carrier............ or a pipeline builder? Do you get paid only
 when you how up for work like Bruno the Bucket Carrier?
 Or do you do the work once and get paid over and over again like Pablo the
 Pipeline Builder?
 If you're like most people, you're working the bucket-carrying plan. It's the timefor-
 The problem with bucket carrying is that the money stops when the bucketcarrying
 stops. Which means the concept of a "secure job" or "dream job" is an
 illusion. The inherent danger of carrying buckets is that the income is temporary
 instead of ongoing.
 If Bruno woke up one morning with a stiff back and couldn't get out of bed, how
 much money would he earn that day? ZERO! No Work-No Money!
 The same goes for any bucket-carrying job. Once bucket-carriers stop carry
 buckets for any reason, they won't continue to get a paycheck.
 Real-Life True Story:
 My previous dentist was the best dentist I ever had. A complete professional.
 Great personality. Great technician. Every visit was virtually pain-free. She loved
 what she did and set her own hours. She was only open three days a week so
 she could spend four-day weekends with her family.
 She pulled down more than $100,000 a year working three days a week at a job
 she loved. This was a bucket-carriers dream job if there ever was one!
 One problem. Before the age of 40 she developed arthritis in her hands and
 couldn't work anymore. Today she teaches at a university earning one-third the
 income she earned as a dentist.
 There's no such thing as a secure bucket-carrying job no matter how great it
 The problem with the time-for-money trap is that if you can no longer trade-thetime,
 you no longer get the money!
 Most people mistake bucket-carrying for pipeline building. We observe 99% of
 the people in the world are carrying buckets, so we assume bucket carrying is
 the way to get what we want in life.
 We grow up surrounded by bucket-carriers, so we figure that's the way-of-the-
 world. It reminds me of a bumper sticker I saw recently: 100,000 lemmings can't
 be wrong!
 People think the same way about bucket-carriers. 100 million bucket-carriers
 can't be wrong. Well yes they can!.
 Let's face it. there are a lot more bucket-carriers in this world than pipeline
 Because bucket-carrying is the model that our parents followed and the one that
 they taught us to follow. The bucket-carrying model tells you here's what you do
 to get ahead:
 Go to school and learn how to carry buckets.
 Work really hard.
 Earn the right to carry bigger buckets. (get promoted)
 Resign from "Bucket Company A" to work for "Bucket Company B" which lets you
 carry even bigger buckets.
 Work longer hours so you can carry more buckets.
 Put the kids through bucket-carrying college.
 Try to get promoted from carrying metal buckets....... to carrying plastic
 buckets............ to carrying digital buckets.
 Dream of the day you can retire from bucket carrying after 30-40 years.
 Until then, keep carrying those buckets....................... or, the bucket-carriers
 dream comes true. You hit the big lottery! (the odds are 1 in about 14-15 million
 against them, but hey most all bucket carriers think it could happen to them,
 so........... until then, keep carrying those buckets)
 What do all those bucket-carriers earn for their efforts?
 Surprisingly little. According to Parade magazine's "What People Earn" survey,
 the average worker in America earns $28,500 a year. Subtract almost 20% for
 taxes, and that leaves $22,500 take-homepay.
 Let's face it, that's not enough for most people to live on.
 What do bucket-carriers do when they need more money?
 Because they have a bucket-carrying mentality, they come up with a bucketcarrying
 solution............ if you need more money you've got to carry more
 "i'll get a second job carrying buckets in the evenings and on weekends," Daddy
 Bucket Carrier decides.
 "I can go back to the bucket-carrying job I had before the kids were born,"
 Mommy Bucket Carrier says.
 "The kids can get bucket-carrying jobs after school and in the summer," they
 both say.
 The Results?
 Today North Americans work the longest hours in the world. Yes, even more than
 the work-obsessed Japanese. Is the earn-more-money-by-carrying-more-buckets
 plan working?
 No. Here are the facts.
 Consumer debt is at a record high. The average household has 95 cents worth of
 debt for every dollar earned.
 The proportion of women working to support their families more than doubled
 over the past 20 years.
 More people are taking second and third mortgages on their single biggest
 asset............ their homes............. to pay the bills.
 Hello! What's wrong with this picture?
 It's the fallacy of carrying bigger buckets. Bucket carriers tell themselves
 everything would be okay if they could just carry bigger buckets.
 Bucket carriers are forever wondering how much money other bucket carriers
 earn. True, the doctors bucket is a lot bigger than the cook's bucket.............
 about ten times bigger! But that doesn't mean the doctor is financially
 independent. He's just as dependent on his bucket carrying job as the cook.
 They spend more! Truth is, the doctors and lawyers making six-figures are
 spending most of their income to support their lifestyles.
 a. The average worker drive a $5,000 used car. The doctor drives a $45,000
 b. The average worker sends his kids to free public school. The doctor sends his
 kids to private school............ and on and on and on.
 The doctor spends just as much of a percentage of his income than all other
 bucket carriers. All are living paycheck-to paycheck. If you don't believe check
 the bankruptcy records. You'll see every kind of bucket carrier listed in there!
 All Buckets Eventually Dry Up
 All buckets dry up no matter how big they are. Pipelines, on the other hand, are
 self-sustaining. But pipelines require sacrifice. Pipelines don't build themselves.
 You have to be willing to put in the time and effort to build them.
 A Bigger Bucket Won't Solve The Problem. Why?
 Carry as big a bucket as you can but build a pipeline on the side, because as long
 as you carry buckets, you have to show-up to get paid, and no matter how big
 the bucket is... it will dry-up.
 Many a person has gone from the "Millionaire Next Door" to the "Bankrupt Person
 Next Door".
 This person had a HUGE bucket and now has nothing!
 His name is Darryl Strawberry. Professional baseball player. The 38 year old
 outfielder broke into the majors as a teenager and was hailed as the next Ted
 Strawberry has made a fortune in his career............. $2-$5 million every year.
 That was just from his baseball contract! Add a couple million from
 endorsements, speeches, autographs and more and he's earned $50-$100
 million before his 40th birthday!
 A guy like that has to be set for life right? WRONG!
 According to a local newspaper report, "Strawberry has no income or savings to
 support his current wife and their three children."
 What Happened?
 Strawberry bought expensive everything........... including drugs and alcohol.
 Strawberry didn't build a pipeline............. because he thought he had enough
 money to last forever no matter what. He can't play baseball anymore becuase
 of his drug problem. He won't be allowed to play ever again. He's Broke!
 It's Your Turn To Choose
 What sounds like the best plan to you? Remember, most of your friends and
 neighbors won't understand! They've been taught to carry buckets.
 Time Levels The Playing Field
 It doesn't matter how much money your earn ............ or how little money you
 earn........... we all have the same amount of time in each day. 24 hours. It
 doesn't matter if you're a doctor, lawyer, or cook. It only takes time to build a
 pipeline. Yes you'll need tools................ but those will cost relatively very little.
 So everyone has an equal opportunity when it comes to building a pipeline!
 Some people put off building their pipelines because "right now isn't a good time
 for me." Guess what? Right now is a bad time for anybody! We're all stressed.
 We're all busy. We're all putting out fires and dealing with unexpected
 emergencies. There's a word for these bad times.
 It's called life!
 Some people waste their lives waiting for the "perfect time" to do x, y, or z. Well,
 they'll die waiting because there's no such thing as a perfect time. If someone
 told you they'd give you $1 million dollars if you'd sit in a corner and knit for two
 hours every day for one year, you'd find the time right?
 It wouldn't matter if your son broke his arm.............your car wouldn't start........
 the cat got sick. Rather than forfeit $1 million dollars, you'd find the time no
 matter what.
 Waste Not Want Not
 People often ask me why they should take the time and effort to build pipelines
 when things aren't going so bad for them right now. They say they deserve to
 relax in the recliner and watch TV after a hard days work. Got a few bucks in the
 bank.... kids are doing good in school........... no need to "rock the boat".
 There's no better time to build your pipeline than when things are going good!
 A Final Thought
 A man was on the 30th floor of a fancy hotel overlooking Central Park in
 Manhattan. He pulled back the shades........... and threw open the window to
 enjoy the view. As he leaned out the window, he was startled to see a man falling
 past his window.
 "How you doing?" he asked the falling man.
 "Fine so far," came the reply.
 The point is, there are lots of bucket carriers in the world that think they are
 "doing just fine". But they can't stay in the free-fall forever. Sooner or later they'll
 meet the ground.
 For bucket carriers it's................... don't or can't show up for work............... no
 more paycheck!