Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Amazing health coincidence!

                  My mother who will be 63 in September suffer from High Blood Pressure and has to take medication.  We call her Miss Frequent Flyer since she spends more time away from Jamaica visiting family in other countries.  She was in Jamaica recently for an extended period of time and while visiting her at the family home, I saw her monitoring her blood pressure by checking it and then taking her medication. I had some samples of Organo Gold Green Tea (She hates coffee) so I gave her a few.  She called me a couple days after and told me how good the tea was and that it in fact gave her energy and that she did not feel so “tense” in her head. I knew deep down that the tea was working. So I send an entire box (25 sachets to her).  I got a call the very first week if her drinking Organo Gold Green Tea. “Dennis, I think your product is working, I have notice my pressure is falling, as the reading are going down daily. I have now cut my blood pressure medication in half”.  She was totally shock that for all this time I was telling her my product work she never believe me.

                    At the end of the month I visited her again and she took out her sheet where she records her blood pressure reading and there it was before my very eyes the result that my product works. She is now totally off blood pressure medication and her energy is now at optimal level. I was there looking at her smiling with that “ I told you look” then she said “ I am a bit scared cause I don’t want to be hook on your Green Tea” I said Mom which would you rather be addicted to Pharmaceutical medication or Natural Green tea, which you are already drinking every day anyway. She nods knowing the answer was pretty obvious, it’s always better to go green when it comes to your health.

               Now let me make this clear neither I nor Organo Gold is making any medical claims here. I am simple relating what happen when my mother drinks Organo Gold Green tea.  I am not saying that our Green Tea has cured her of high blood pressure, but what I know about the Ganoderma, is that it allows the body to function the way it was meant to work. So in Organo Gold we describe  these event as amazing health coincidence!

Dennis Grant
"Change your coffee, Change your life"

Saturday, 17 August 2013

A paradigm shift

There is a paradigm shift taking place before our very eyes. The Industrial age saw the advent of the 40hr week alias 9-5 job. The information age has thrown that concept out the window, creating over night millionaire & billionaire. There is no longer a concept call job security! I for one should know, I have been a government worker for over 20 years. I have survive one "modernization" cut and currenlt facing  a "efficent, self sustaing agency" excerise. The world has changed my friends, even the unions are facing reality. The "Good old days" I afarid are gone and never to return. This is not to spread any Gloom and Doom. Just a wake up call that we need to change the way we think and operate going forward. Just a slight shift in our mind set. I have included below one of my favourite parable about what you need to do to survive going forward. 

Most people have been condition to think like Bruno, exchanging time for money. This as you can see base on the story above is the outdated way of thinking, it just does not work! Pablo path is the way to go, the way of the future!

      I have decided to follow the "Pablo the pipeline path" 2 1/2 years ago and I have no regrets! I have business Partners all over the world helping me to achive financal freedom. Currently my pipeline business has allow 4 distributors in the WORLD TOP MLM INCOME EARNERS LISTING: http://www.businessforhome.org/

Organo Gold is a simple system that allow you to partner with people around the world be it full time or part time. Listen to The #1 MLM Income Earner in the World,earning over US$14 million per year Mr. Holton Buggs explaining the the simplicity of this business.

The sun no longer set on my income. Residual Income flow every week! Lets have a discussion about securing another source income that will work for you, while you sleep or play!

Dennis Grant
"Change your coffee,change your life"

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Run or die!

Most people get into on-line / home based business thinking it’s a walk over. You just buy into a business fold your arm and left it on auto pilot. I an sorry guys this is not the lotery ticket. Most peaople act ss if it’s not work, and they end up treating it like a hobby, instead of a business. As Organo Gold Jamaican Diamond Consultant Mr. Karl Thomson

(http://oguniversity.com/opportunity/intheknow/item/karl-angela-thompson ) said “If you treat your business casually you will end up a causality”

People just need to understand that there is a reason why it’s called: netWORK marketing. The people who succeed in this type of business model are the one who runs the fastest out of the block. It’s a numbers game and the more people you talk to in a short period of time that creates momentum. It's like this, you work hard and grow your business and then once you get other people to duplicate what you have done then you can relax and start reaping.

Everyday in Africa a gazelle wakes up, it knows it must RUN FASTER than the FASTEST CHEETAH or it will be killed. Every morning a CHEETAH WAKES UP, It knows that it must OUTRUN the slowest gazelle or it will STARVE to DEATH. It doesn’t matter whether you are a Cheetha or a gazelle. When the sun comes up, you better be running.

Organo Gold have created over 40 millionaires after only 5 years in business. They have 5 of 16 on WORLD TOP MLM INCOME EARNERS LISTING:  including the #1 position earning over US$15 million per year. Now that is some running!

What are you a Lion or a Gazelle?
Do you need motivation to run or do you have the desire to achieve success?

Dennis Grant

“Change your coffee, change your life”