Sunday, 19 June 2011

"We have been had,hoodwinked,bamboozled."

  Malcolm X said over 40 years ago "We have been had,hoodwinked,bamboozled." Sad to say it has continued today. 3% of the population earn 97% of the wealth,while the other 97% of the population fight for the remainding 3% " Hostile tribes fighting over scarce benefits and spoils" thats how former prime minister P.J.Patterson described it. Question: Isnt the same God who made the 3 %  at the top made the other 97% at the bottom? Did he gave those at the top more brain cells? Or were we created equally? The God i worship said he created us equally and i believe him! So i did a detail study of the problem and came up with the solution.
     The majority of the population (the 97%) took what the law called judicial precedent  from the court rooms and applied it to our everyday lives. We were brought up to get a good education,get a good job,and the company will look after us during our retirement because that what our parents and grandparents did.This is what the expert call the 40/40/40 rule. You work for 40 hours per day, work for 40 years and retire on 40% on your income. No wonder we are all broke! We can hardly survive on 100% of our pay as we speak. Then we have a evil monster call INFLATION! This guy never sleeps, never stops, he eat away at our earning day by day. What we have today in the bank is worth less a year later. Yet we save for our retirement? We must be crazy we all need to WAKE UP! Its not working! Time to find another system. Which by the way is a acroynm for Save Yourself Some Time Energy & Money
   What if you drove your dream car to the shop because it did not feel right and the mechanic said "you have been driving on 1 cylinder" Surely you would have it sold or fixed. So why have you been operating on 1 cylinder all our life? Most of what we accomplished so far in our lives has bee through "Our Own Effort" go to school,passing exams after exams,working hard with little or no appreciation. AGE is another monsterthat is running us down, its just a matter of time before we just cant go no more. We have limited time in this universe. The 3% at the top has the 5 cylinder secret to wealth. 1 Your own effort. 2. Other people effort. 3. Other people time. 4. Other people money. 5. Other people idea. See if you can find all the 5 in the paragraph/video below.
       Coffee is a legalized drug that millions of people around the world are hopelessly addicted to,some can't even start their day without a cup. What if you offer these people a healthy alternative coffee? - the most consumable beverage after water and the most traded commodity after oil. Organo Gold is only 2 year old and is only in 10 countries,still virtually unknown. Why not position yourself in a young company that is selling a healthy version of coffee? People stand in line for long period to pay up to US$5 per cup. (Thanks STAR BUCK for making this socially acceptable) Check the video links below for detail business opportunity.

So i have given you the 5 cylinder of success that the 3 % who control 97% of the wealth has been using for years. The main one being "Other people effort" all so known as leverage. Stop procrastinating with your future and act now!. Remember the two eye monster of INFLATION and AGE never sleeps!  
Its never too late to be the person you want to be.Lets have a discussion on where you are and where you NEED to go: 

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