Thursday, 23 June 2011

Less talking more action

My country Jamaica is what you call the typical “Third Word” ( lesser developed” is the political correct term I think they are using now) The one that is always caught in the grip of International Monetary Fund and  World Development Bank ,because of our unhealthy appetite for loan in US$. Studies have been done by these international banks as to ascertain why we have not progress at a greater pace. One USA diplomat did say “Jamaica is a nation which celebrate announcement not accomplishment.” Here in lies one of the greatest faults we have as human, we think we can wish or talk our way to prosperity. We Jamaica are the greatest talker, especially our politicians but when it comes to do the walk, we often times failed miserable!  One bag a mouth is a favourite local expression You know the person who is always saying I am going to do this and “this “never get accomplish? When you next see the person it’s another excuse why he have no even started “this”.  Empty barrel really does make the most noise.
   We need to move away from all this unnecessary talking and JUST DO IT. No wonder why NIKE is a winner. They don’t talk they JUST DO IT. My advice to my fellow business operator is to do less talking and JUST DO IT! Not next week, next month or next year. Right here and now JUST DO IT!

Here is a clip from Art William is all about JUST DO IT!!

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