Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Indentification of opportunity when it knocks

How do we get people to change the way they think? This has been the never ending question posed by religious men and politicians from the beginning of time. Fear is the single most hindrance to men. Fears closed and cloud your thought process, causing you to make illogical decision.  This is even when the decision is as easy as 123. But why is this so? How could you get wrong, easy simple decision? Take for example the crucifixion; two thieves were with Jesus at his last moment on earth.  One thief (the dumbest man in history) mocked Jesus saying “save yourself and us”. The other thief (the luckiest man in history) saw the perfect opportunity (talk about being in the right place at the right time) to make right his sinful deed. “Have you no fear of God?, we committed our crime and we are getting our just reward, he has done no wrong” then he turn to Jesus and said “father remember me when you go into your kingdom” “surly you will be with me in my kingdom” replied Jesus. What did the first thief have to lose at that stage? How did he make such a dumb stupid decision? Why did he not the seize the moment like the other thief? 

                Here is another opportunity, let’s see who will seize the moment and make what I will show you, such a easy decision. Coffee is a legalized drug, which people are hopelessly addicted to; it’s consumed by the mass at a rate of over 4500 cups per second. It’s the most consumed beverage after water (because you need water to make coffee) and the most traded commodity after oil. It is pronounced the same way in every country, it was before us and it will be after us. It’s a 9 Billion dollar industry. All major Fast food chain are all involved in the “coffee war”.  We all know that coffee is unhealthy because it lowers the ph balance and cause jitters and crash. What if we could manage to make this highly consumable product healthy? Organo Gold did just that by infusing the 4000 year old Chinese king of herb, ganoderma into their coffee without affecting its taste or scent. Distributor job has never been this easy. You don’t have to convince people to drink coffee; they are already doing so and are addicted to it! The distributor only job is to expose the coffee by sampling the product (a master stroke by Organo gold management to package the coffee in a sachet sample format) and watch as people keep coming back for a healthier version of their favourite beverage.  Life does not get any easier than this!Organo Gold compensation package is among the best in the MLM industry.
Organo gold is only in 13 countries, where most people still have not heard of this healthy coffee movement and it’s drank in every country in the world! This is what investors call GROUND LEVEL investment. But how many of the mass will see this opportunity? My bet is some will see it, but most wont! If you see this healthy coffee movement as the perfect opportunity then your in the right place at the right time. Click on the web link below for the pathway to health and wealth.

One of my favourite motivational speaker tell how he took advantage of his opportunity. see video below

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