Sunday, 26 June 2011

The power of coffee

Up until December 2010 I had no clue on the power of the coffee industry. All I knew was that as a Jamaican we had the best coffee in the world, Blue mountain coffee and it’s a protected crop. That was enough for me because I did not drink coffee. The second Sunday in January of 2011 as I step out of church (a sign from above?) I got a call from a friend that said I should come up to his friend house to have a look at an opportunity. I went. There is was revealed to me the magnitude of the coffee industry. First I was told that the investment would be in coffee. I scoffed. I think to myself coffee is protected.  Then I was told that the powerful Jamaican coffee board approved Organo Gold to bring coffee into Jamaica.  I was shocked! Over 500 applications was turned down by the coffee board to carry coffee into the island what was so special about this coffee.  They told me It is infused with the ancient Chinese herb which is so potent it’s was reserved for royalty. So now I am told coffee is now healthy! (Google ganoderma, follow by a comma then any aliment you can think of)
I was also informed that coffee is the most consumed beverage after water (thought it was coke) and the most traded commodity on the market after oil! WOW! 400 billion cups are consumed everyday around the world. That’s over 4500 cups per second! A 9 billion dollar industry. Coffee was around centuries before and it will be around after I pass from this world. Coffee is drank in every country in the world and not matter the language barrier if you ask for coffee that is what you will get…coffee!  Now with all that information I also add in my mind at the also addicted!  My host Mr. Joseph Wilson Diamond of the year 2010, the man responsible to bringing this coffee to Jamaica, said what we are doing at Organo Gold is simple. We are NOT in the selling game. People are already drinking coffee our job is to expose our brand of healthy coffee by sampling it and let the product do the work.  He then looked me in the eyes and said “listen brother this is big and you need to get in now” I was 75% sold; I think I am from the clan of doubtful “Thomas”. What got me was that I was told that they had just sign off to team with blue mountain coffee. WHAT! You mean the best coffee in the world was on this healthy coffee movement??


If you’re the best you stand alone to protect your brand and integrity.  If the powerful Jamaican coffee board can open its door to Organo Gold to sell coffee in Jamaica and then said lets partner with you  in this joint venture to have a ganoderma infuse in a special brand of blue mountain coffee, then I am in! Success leaves clues!  Microsoft missed me, google missed me and also apple BUT Organo Gold Healthy coffee movement not missing me!

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